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    I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Went to elementary and high school here and eventually continued on to college here as well.     

    Throughout my life, my work has always been dark, from grade school into high school and college.  Always tainted by sadness and anger.  Sadness for the loss of my mother at a young age, anger for the ripples of repercussions from that event.  Tearing most of my family apart and leaving me mostly feeling alone.

    During my college days I worked through a lot of these feelings and began to notice and take interest in the ‘emotional scars’ and states of other people.  My last year of college and to this day, I still take great interest in the feelings of others, recognizing, scrutinizing and eventually trying to represent in paint these emotions and states of being.

    My work has been favorably looked at by many here in Milwaukee as well as others nation wide, either via internet or by physical shows.

    I continue to paint, to not only help the tender scars within myself, but hopefully to help people understand the hurt within others as well as within themselves.

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