GREG J. Schoeneck Art

    Simply stated, my work is an expression of what can not necessarily be seen, only felt.  My work is an extension of a German Expressionist idea that is: If you are forced to paint a person or object without relying on how it looks to represent it , all that is left is how it feels and the spiritual or emotional impression it leaves with the artist.

    Keeping this in mind, my work is an attempt to represent people in states of heightened emotions: archetypes engaged in emotional and spiritual conflict from within and without.  My work relies on the use of color and paint to represent energies; creative and destructive energies that are brought forth from us and brought to bare upon us.

    My paintings are powerful images, vibrant and dynamic,  intended to invoke a response.  The viewer is compelled to look at my work; take part, and understand the story of the archetype(s), hopefully identifying with the emotion, the struggle, and the humanity within.

---the story of one person is the story of all humanity---

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